Basics Of Owning A Handgun In Australia

Basics Of Owning A Handgun In Australia

Australia has some of the toughest gun control laws in the entire world.  But that wont stop you from taking part in one of the most rewarding sports there is to offer.

Contrary to popular believe owning a gun in Australia is not actually a very hard thing to do if the intentions are right. As long as you don’t have any recent criminal convictions its not hard to get a license, just time and money.

Guns can be purchased from any gun shop in Australia. Here are the basics of owning a handgun in Australia.

Legitimate reason for owning a handgun

There is only one reason for owning a handgun in Australia as a sporting shooter and that’s being a member of a pistol club and being an active member. You can not apply for a pistol license with out being a financial member of a club for at least 6 months.  You can not own a firearm for self defence purposes and you can not use a handgun for hunting in Australia.

6 months probation

A person wishing to apply for a handgun licence must be active member of their pistol club and complete 6 introduction safety pistol shoots in the first 6 months of membership. Once the probation period is completed and your participations records are filled in, with written consent of the pistol club you can apply for a handgun license.

Here is a brief road map of Handguns ownership

  • Enquire at local pistol club
  • Obtain police approval to join the club
  • Become a financial member of the club
  • Complete Cat H safety course
  • Within 6 months complete the minimum required club safety shoots
  • After 6 months pre requisite request club approval to apply for a license.
  • Apply to weapons licensing online, submitting all required documents
  • Purchase and install gun safe ready for potential inspection
  • Wait, Licence applications won’t be processed for minimum 28 days and potential weeks more.
  • Once license is received you can then submit a permit to acquire (PTA) for your first handgun
  • Your first PTA per category again will not be processed for 28s days.
  • Once PTA is received you can purchase your first hand gun.
  • In the first 12 months of your license you can have 1 live fire and 1 air pistol. You can not have 1 rimfire and


To own a firearm you must have safe storage. All safes with Cat H firearms inside MUST be bolted to the structure of the building using minimum of 10mm diameter bolts or fasteners, there is no minimum weight requirement, CAT H must be Bolted down.

The above list for the ownership road map has been known to put some people off owning a handgun, but it really isn’t hard it just takes time.

My honest suggestion is to start the ball rolling now, get that 6 months club membership started so that is ticking away.  If you don’t, in 12 months time, when you really want to get into it, and you didn’t, you’ll have yet another 6 months to wait!!

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