Know About Tactical Jackets And Outerwear

Light weight, affordable tuff jackets and outerwear’s are the most popular of all the all the different tactical apparel that is available for the public to buy. These jackets were first introduced as rugged, heavy duty, rain, wind and dust resistant clothing. Here are few things you need to know

Basics Of Owning A Handgun In Australia

Basics Of Owning A Handgun In Australia Australia has some of the toughest gun control laws in the entire world.  But that wont stop you from taking part in one of the most rewarding sports there is to offer. Contrary to popular believe owning a gun in Australia is not

All About Ammunition

All About Ammunition Many people who own or shoot guns in today’s time have a good idea or knowledge about ammunition. If you do not have proper knowledge about ammunition, the effectiveness of using a gun to its fullest potential falls down drastically. Here are a few things you should

Budget For Bangers By Marty

Budget For Bangers By Marty Australia, whether people realise it or not has a long standing firearms culture. Highly precise rifles are becoming normal. Technology and modern machinery is able to make products to such fine tolerance’s that a lower budget package now out shoots what was a far higher

Shot Show 2018

What a week, Lee and Martin spent the 3rd week of January in Las Vegas for the annual Shot Show.My (Martins) first time at the show, where as Lee is quite the veteran. On foot, covering over 25000 steps 4 days straight, the show is big, really big, unexplainably big.

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