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Do you have a question about one or more of G&A Tactical’s products? Here are some frequently asked questions about our tactical apparel (military jackets, vests, cargo pants, etc.), ammunition, law enforcement and security gear, tactical accessories, knives, lights (flashlights, etc.), firearms (rifles, shotguns, handguns, pistols, etc.), bags, pouches and more! Don’t see your answer here? Give our friendly team a call at our Gold Coast store today!

Yes, you do. You can only purchase live ammunition in QLD with the appropriate license for that ammunition. We require to sight your license prior to sale.

Yes, most definitely! We are able to source most calibres for you. Pending on availability, a minimum purchase may be needed to fulfil the order. All orders of none stocked ammo require pre-payment prior to ordering.

In QLD you do not require a license to purchase an extendable baton, but it is our company policy that we only sell extendable batons to qualified security guards or security personnel with current licenses.

Yes, we definitely do. Our main focus in apparel and clothing is on 5.11 Tactical, their clothing is exception quality, and is engineered towards covert or overt operations with features geared towards security and law enforcement.

Yes, we stock radio attachments from Code Red that cover all the most popular radios. There are many variations of radio, so we will need your radio model number and serial. Ideally, please take a photo of inside the battery compartment clearly showing all the details as well as a photo of the connections, so that we can be sure to match your exact equipment.

Yes of course! We have in stock, both in-ear and over-ear options. Our in-ear options, range from 12 to 26 decibel protection. Our over-ear protection, using noise cancelling, offer over 30 decibel of noise reduction.


We have two styles of boot that we always recommend. As a waterproof option, we recommend the 5.11 ATAC 8” Storm or Shield composite safety toe. Alternatively, the ultralight, ultra-comfortable Under Armor Valsetz, which is an exception duty boost with sports show like comfort and feel.

We stock Benchmade knives that are renowned for their unbelievable quality and lock strength, that are also easy to operate. We couldn’t recommend a better brand, or way of knife life, than Benchmade. With steels catering for all: from ultra-sharp with amazing edge retention to the simple high carbon steel for strength, but less rust resistance.

We have the best torches, as we only stock what we recommend. Pelican 7600 is the industry standard for run time versus brightness, with nearly 1000 lumens and over 3 hours of run time on full power. Nothing comes close to it for the size and money. It is our highest selling flashlight for security and police.

Yes, most definitely. The QLD firearm laws are actually better than most people think. To own a firearm in QLD, you need the appropriate licence. A rifle or shotgun requires a category A or B license, a handgun is Category H. All licenses can be applied for on the Queensland weapons licensing website.

We carry a range of scopes from the basic sub $100 items that are fine for air rifles and small calibre rim fire rifles, all the way up to scope that can with stand the recoil and hardship of large calibre rifles for target shooting and hunting. If we don’t have the scope you want, we can order it for you. There is a saying that says, “spend more on your scope that your rifle for ultimate accuracy.” This eludes to the fact that you shouldn’t skimp out on your scope, it is just as important as the rifle if you want to be an accurate shooter.

Yes, we carry multi-cam camo pants, shirts, jackets, hats and bags from 5.11. Designed for military, hunting and the general outdoors man, using ripstop materials and TDU style clothing for comfort and durability.

5.11 Stryke pants are by far the most popular pants for police units around the world. In a dark navy-blue, they are ideal for you. With a two-way stretch material to make them super comfortable and long-lasting, the rip stop material doesn’t tear if punctured and they are loaded with pockets upon pockets for all your daily needs. They also have hidden features specific to the everyday gear user.

As a duty belt, a dual layer inner and outer belt is ideal. Wear the soft velcro loop belt on the inside though the loops in your pants, then attach the out belt loaded with all your duty gear with the micro velcro hooks. This is strong, durable and far more comfortable when loaded up than standard issue or single layer belts.

We have several bags that have exactly the hidden pocket you are asking for. Whether you want a single sling shoulder bag or dual strap back bag, we can certainly kit you out with bags ranging from a smaller 10 litre sling bag to a large backpack with every feature you can dream of.

Yes, certainly. We have a few to choose from, either single or double rifle cases, that are heavily padded and loaded with features. Ranging from 40 in to 50 inch, which covers rifles and shotguns of all shapes and sizes.

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