Know About Tactical Jackets And Outerwear

Light weight, affordable tuff jackets and outerwear’s are the most popular of all the all the different tactical apparel that is available for the public to buy. These jackets were first introduced as rugged, heavy duty, rain, wind and dust resistant clothing. Here are few things you need to know about tactical jackets and outerwear.

Soft Shell Jackets

The soft shell jackets were first introduced as jackets made of a material which was soft, lightweight and stretchy in nature. These jackets were not meant to be waterproof, but are water resistance in general use. Soft shell jackets are usually made of polyester and nylon. Technology has come along way and Soft shells are now pushing deeper into water proof areas with modern materials and coatings.

Hard Shell Jackets

Hard Shell jackets, started out to suit military requirements, that did not have to be light weight and conform to SAWC (Size and weight constraints). Being rugged in nature, a hard shell jacket is not a flexible and easy wearing. Over the years changing from heavy canvas and waxed materials they proved to be Resistant to wear and tear and fully weatherproof (for rain, wind, dust etc.) Modern Hard-shell jackets carry a futuristic breathable design which allows for ventilation and airflow while still providing optimum protection But can not compete with Softshell for weight and flexibility.

Hybrid Shell Jackets

In recent times there has been a new type of jacket that has been much talked about. These hybrid shell jackets provide full protection in some parts of the body while offering adequate flexibility in areas where it is most needed.  Adopting waterproofing methods from hard shell jackets into softshell materials has massively increased the weather proofing of the softshell with out reducing the flexibility and adding to weight too much.

In Store we always carry stock of light weight spray jackets, breathable and small to pack away, Softshell jackets that are highly weather resistant but not fully water proof and also we carry hybrid heavier duty softshells that are 100% water proof but still light weight and no reduction in comfort and flexibility over a softshell.

Why not try out some of these jackets for yourself, and see for yourself if they are a right fit. Available online at and at G&A Tacticals shops on the Gold Coast.