5.11 Tactical - Replacement Shoelaces


Made from high-tensile strength Mil-Spec 550 paracord with clear tips for easy lacing, the 5.11 Parachute Cord Replacement Shoelaces are designed to be incredibly strong and compatible with all 5.11 footwear. Paracord originally was engineered as a suspension line for parachutes, so you know these paracord laces are tough enough to stay tied during intense activities. They are proudly made in America and come in several sizes, making it easy to find the best fit for your specific footwear. Whether you want to upgrade your basic lacing system or need to replace old, damaged laces, you can’t find more reliable laces for your boots.



  • High-tensile strength Mil-Spec 550 paracord
  • Clear tips allow for easy lacing
  • Compatible with all 5.11 footwear
  • Available 63″ (SM),