TAC NFO2 Gloves


5.11’s Tac NFO2 Tactical Gloves feature exceptional fit and dexterity and innovations you won’t find elsewhere. 5.11 replaced the common Nomex couchettes with tough but pliable goatskin to give 5.11’s fingers three sides of protection. This also helps keep the fingers from twisting, as you’ve seen on so many other flight gloves. Tac NFO2 gloves are made with the patented TacticalTouch construction system for maximum dexterity and longer service life. There is no seam at the fingertip to add bulk, wear out, or irritate you. A single piece of leather forms the palm and underside of the fingers, and wraps up and over the fingertips, leaving the pads of 5.11’s fingers free of seams for remarkable touch and zero irritation. 5.11 added a padded goatskin knuckle protector that allows 5.11’s hand to flex naturally but absorbs bumps and dings, unlike standard flight gloves. To keep bulk and snag hazards minimized, 5.11 uses a gathered elastic wrist closure with a goatskin pull tab. 



  • Nomex flash protection on the wrist, and back of hand and fingers
  • Goatskin leather palm, finger facings, and couchettes, and knuckle reinforcements.
  • Tactical Touch precision fits fingertips for maximum dexterity and comfort. (Patent # 7,287,285)
  • Seamless palm for better grip and no irritation
  • Gathered elastic wrist closure with Goatskin leather reinforced pull tab and edge binding
  • Built with American made Nomex fabric
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