5ive Star Gear - PVC Morale Patch




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The 5ive Star Gear® Morale Patches come in a large variety of different styles and designs. They are all made from durable PVC that allows for bolder colors, stain resistance, and are very easy to clean. Morale Patches are used to identify and sometimes to entertain letting people see your personality. These patches attach by a backing of hook material sewn directly on for ease of attachment and removal to bags or clothing that have loop already attached.


  • Durable PVC plastic construction
  • Easy to remove and reattach to any loop surface with hook material sewn directly to the patch
  • Stain resistant and wash clean with soap and water

Bad Choices, Be Decisive, Better Weapons, Blood Type A- (Black & Grey), Blood Type A+ (Black & Grey), Blood Type AB- (Black & Grey), Blood Type AB+ (Black & Grey), Blood Type B+ (Black & Grey), Blood Type O+ (Black & Grey), Cornithians 16:13, Don't Fear Me, Don't Run, Double Tap, F-Bomb, First Punch, Guns and Coffee, Heard the Shot, I Have Stared Death, Just Say No, Just the Tip, Life Begins At The End, Life is 10% What Happens, Molon Labe, No Mercy, Nothing Wrong, Punisher Diamond (Glow), Punisher Enemies, Security, Should Run, Silence is Golden, Size Matters, Smile (Night Glow), Tried by 12, Triggernometry, Violence Isn't, Waterboarding, Zombie Apocalypse, Zombie Outbreak


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