Permit to Acquire Process​

At G&A Tactical we know it can be a daunting and tedious process for new and old shooters alike, when applying for a Permit to Acquire. This is why we have made a simple guide that can be followed if you feel that you want to tackle the process on your own. Please bear in mind that we offer the free service of lodging this application with you in store at any time, and we are always happy to answer any questions you may have in regards to the process.

Please keep in mind that to lodge a Permit to Acquire, you must have either an Approved Licence Application and relevant Case Reference ID, or you must hold a valid QLD Firearms licence to suit the category of firearm you desire to lodge a PTA for.

NOTE: Firearms listed on our website are listed as a guide only and can only be purchased in store!

Click below to obtain further information from the QLD Weapons Licencing website.

PTA Application Guide

When you land on the QLD Weapons Licencing page, you want to first click the button labeled ‘Apply’.

From this point, you will be asked as to what you will be applying for, click the ‘Permit to Acquire’ Button.

This will give you some further information as the webpage expands, make sure you follow the steps closely if you haven’t already.

After that you can press the button labelled ‘Apply for individual permit’.

On page one (1) of the application you will be required to fill in your details. If you have yet to obtain a licence you can use the case reference number given to you upon approval of your licence application.

Ensure all of these details are correct, and then click next.

On page two (2) of the application you wii be required to add in further details pertaining to the weapon itself and in particular, where it is coming from.

Ensure you tick the boxes as displayed and copy the information across.

It is vital that you check the box that permits Weapons Licencing to email the dealer the PTA, as this can speed up the process by a week or two.

On page three (3) of the application you will need to put in the details of the weapon itself.

Please note that you only need the; Category, Description, Action, and Calibre. 

For a category B firearm you will need to specify your reasoning for the acquisition of a new firearm.

For category H firearms, you will need to also include the Barrel Length, and Mag. Capacity, alongside a Genuine Reason for acquiring said firearm.

After the details have been confirmed, press next.

On page four (4) of the application you must carefully read the following and declare each of the check boxes.

On page five (5) of the application, ensure all the provided details are correct, as changing them post-submission can prove to be a tedious process at times.

Once confirmed, press the Submit button to be taken to a payment page where you can fill in your bank card details to pay the required fee directly to Weapons Licencing. After this your application is considered lodged, and now you have to be patient and wait for it to be processed before it can be sent to your nominated person (which will be the dealer if this guide was followed, or yourself if you prefer).

If there are any questions at all regarding this process, please don’t hesitate to contact us, as we are always happy to help.

Click the link below to lodge your own PTA. Alternatively, contact us, and we will gladly lodge the form with you in store!

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