Firearms Storage

At G&A Tactical, we know that certain times can be tough, and you might need that little bit of relief in knowing your firearms are safe and not a concern. Which is why we offer the service of long-term storage.

Storage Process

The process of storing your firearms with us is rather simple;

  • First you will bring in your firearms to us. Typically, if it’s more than five (5), we will ask you to confirm with us first.
  • Please ensure that your magazine and bolt is brought with your firearm, so that we have the complete firearm before being put into storage.
  • From here we process firearms in our books. This part effectively means the guns will be transferred onto our dealer’s licence.
  • You will be given a pink copy of the Form 10, which is your proof that the firearms are no longer in your care, in the circumstance that police request an inspection of your weapons.
  • Following this, we will organise the payment for the period of time you choose. With a minimum payment covering 90 days duration.
  • After this you are free to leave!

Storage with us is meant as a long-term decision, and as such we won’t be allowing owners to bring and take their firearm as they please.

The fees for the storage of firearms is as follows:

$1 a day for the first firearm, and 50c a day for every subsequent firearm.

The minimum deposit fee for firearms storage is 90 days, non-refundable, however you can retrieve your firearms before the 90-day period is over.


NOTE: Under normal circumstances we won’t store firearms with their cases due the space they can take up, so please account for this when bringing in your firearms, thank you!

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